Client Feedback

Datacom Wellington Upgrade

Hello everyone.

I would like to extend a combined thank you and congratulations for completing, as of 17:44 yesterday, all the Data Floor 29 rack repowering tasks requested of us by the Facilities Team.

With the first racks being repowered on 27 November 2017, it has been a long and at times complicated process to get to this point. Your consistent professionalism and attention to detail has allowed us to reach the finish line without significant impact to our customer environments, despite a few surprises being thrown in along the way.

Everyone from the Operations team and beyond has put in a lot of time to get us here, with each shift having to fit in a significant amount of work alongside their normal business as usual operations. Given that this was accomplished without interfering with any of our existing services, I would like to recognise a few extra people from behind the scenes who were instrumental in allowing the changes to go through as smoothly as they did for you:

» Peter and John from Seven Electrical, for not only being the point men of the electrical installations, but for their early identification of data inconsistencies which led to a reduction in the amount of work needed on more than one occasion.

On a personal note I have greatly appreciated the fact I have been able to request so much of you all and trust everything to be completed as requested. This trust was constantly proven and it was your efforts that made this project the success it has been.

Good Morning John,

Every Monday I run a report from the PSC System looking at open jobs for each contractor on our sites.

I just wanted to pass on a huge thank you to all of your team for not only a fantastic response to these jobs and having them completed in a timely fashion, but also in keeping on top of the PSC system and ensuring that completed jobs have been closed off.

Please pass this on to your electricians/staff as recognition of the excellent work they’ve been doing.


Aside from the work that actually needed to be done for Gateway, the careful treatment of the University’s various essential equipment was a key component in determining the success or failure of the shutdown. I also want to say thanks for how this was handled in the lead up and last night; by all accounts SBS are very happy with how it all went.

Thanks and regards


Good afternoon John,

I would just like to take a moment to pass on a message of appreciation for the support provided by your staff member Jake yesterday.

We have a priority upgrade occurring next week and got caught short with the timing around some power installations.

The fact we could call on your services at short notice saved a lot of worry and Jake’s expertise was really valuable in the approach taken.

Kind regards


Hi John

Thank you sincerely for arranging Gene to do the work immediately today – I did not expect this and appreciate it very much

As Cathy said (and I agree), you have the best team and your service is exceptional.

I dont know why you are unique in this regard (for any trade) – but great for you!

Thank you again and will talk again soon

Best wishes


Ian, you may know we had a fire at Grant Thornton House, 215 Lambton Quay yesterday. A huge thanks to Andy for getting there so quickly and assisting with the situation by killing power to parts of the building as the NZFS searched for the source and extinguished it. The speed of response, awareness of the situation and his building knowledge was awesome. And then immediately getting to work to get things underway on the repairs.

The Sevens team have been outstanding the last 2 days (there’s another ten to go till the new board is in!). It’s great to be able to call on such capable people in time of need.

Thanks again,


I wanted to say “Thanks!” on behalf of all those on level 3 of MacDiarmid for the professional and effective approach you all took to the power outage last night.  It had the potential to create numerous complications, but was carefully managed and run.  For those of you who were here around midnight making sure all was good, a particular thanks.

Sam, if appropriate please pass our appreciation on to your crew.  It sounds like something was trickier than expected, so the care taken to keep our essential equipment going was really important.


Wellington Mount Victoria Tunnel Upgrade

Afternoon Team,

I attended the final mode testing last night in MVT with Glen Prince and we were suitably impressed with the slick professional way in which it was undertaken. Glen made many comments on the team and how great the tunnel looks and as at about 10am this morning we have effectively got the Operational Sign Off from the Fire Engineer and Practical Completion endorsement from NZTA Interface Manager Glen Prince.

To all of you have had sleepless nights (literally), worked day and night (literally) I personally want to thank you for your immense dedication to this project. I would also like to thank your wives, husbands, partners and families as they have probably seen you absent during parts if not all of the MVT refurbishment. I’m sure most of you will take pride, and you should, every time you drive through the new MVT or when it is mentioned by someone.

This marks another very successful project delivered by the Memorial Park Alliance. We continue to set ourselves apart from other Alliances/Delivery Teams by delivering significant infrastructure projects in Wellington on or ahead of time, under budget and with the support of local stakeholder. However, these tangible targets set are not what differentiates us it is our PEOPLE. The MPA legacy is one of setting new standards in an otherwise conservative industry which is born out of our desire to challenge, deliver excellence and remove “can’t” from our vocabulary. The PEOPLE we choose to deliver these projects is key!

Thanks for being such a great team to work with (I know were not saying goodbye quite yet) and I hope we get to work together again!


Wellington Mount Victoria Tunnel Upgrade

Hi Adam,

Just confirming you and I carried out an inspection of the high level tunnel cable trays on Wednesday night. I was impressed with the standard of work by both your guys and the other contractors who had run/tied cables on the cable trays. I’d like to thank you and your team for the great level of workmanship over the whole project. It has been a pleasure working with you guys.